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"Baja Solar - We listen, we understand, we deliver your solar needs."

Experience Energy Independence with Baja Solar – Your Off-Grid Solar Experts in Baja California Sur

Welcome to Baja Solar, where we bring the power of the sun directly to your doorstep, specially in off-grid communities throughout Baja California Sur. Whether you reside in the tranquil Cabo Pulmo, the picturesque Candelaria, or any other remote location such as La Ribera, Agua Verde, San Evaristo, El Cardonal, Bahía Tortugas, Punta Abreojos, San Juanico (Scorpion Bay), Bahía Asunción, La Bocana, Santa Rita, El Datil, Los Barriles, or Mulegé, we are here to ensure that your solar power needs are met with precision and care.

Why Choose Baja Solar?

Tailored Solar Solutions: At Baja Solar, we start by understanding your specific power needs. We don’t just sell solar equipment; we design a solar system that is perfect for your home or business. Our process involves a detailed assessment of your energy requirements, ensuring that we deliver a system that fits exactly what you need.

High-Quality Equipment from USA: We collaborate with top distributors in the USA to provide you with superior solar equipment. This guarantees not only the quality but also the reliability and longevity of your solar setup. Our strategic partnerships allow us to deliver these systems to most locations in Baja within 10 days.

Professional Installation: With Baja Solar, you're choosing a partner with a track record of professional and efficient installations. Our team of experts handles everything from system design to final installation, ensuring that every component functions perfectly.

Sustainable and Reliable: Choosing Baja Solar means opting for an eco-friendly and reliable power source. Our solar solutions offer a sustainable alternative to traditional energy, reducing both your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Our Expert Process

  1. Initial Consultation: Everything starts with a conversation. Tell us about your energy needs and let us assess your site. Whether you’re in El Datil or Santa Rita, we adapt our process to meet the specific conditions of your community.

  2. Custom System Design: Leveraging our expertise, we design a solar power system tailored to your consumption patterns and environmental conditions. This custom approach ensures optimal efficiency and satisfaction.

  3. Equipment Sourcing and Delivery: Once the design is approved, we order your customized equipment from our trusted suppliers in the USA. Rest assured, delivery to most areas in Baja takes just 10 days.

  4. Professional Installation: Our certified installers will set up your system with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring that every component is functioning efficiently and safely.

  5. Ongoing Support: After installation, we are still here for you. Baja Solar provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your system continues to meet your needs.

Ready to Go Solar?

If you’re living in Bahía Asunción, Bahía Tortugas, or anywhere else in Baja California Sur and are thinking about switching to solar, there’s no better time than now. Visit us at Baja Solar or give us a call at 52-615-110-3214. Let’s harness the abundant solar energy and turn it into reliable power for your home or business.

Baja Solar – Powering Your Lifestyle, Sustaining Your Future.

Embark on your journey towards energy independence with Baja Solar, and join the myriad of satisfied customers across Baja California Sur who have already turned to us for their solar energy solutions. Contact us today for your free consultation and embrace a brighter, greener tomorrow.

"Is Solar Right for You? The Benefits Unveiled"

"Are you off-grid, on-grid, or somewhere in between in Mexico? No matter your location, Baja Solar could be your perfect energy solution. Even where electricity is cheap, solar is a smart, sustainable choice. And in areas where power isn't readily available? We're a lifeline. At Baja Solar, we provide reliable and affordable solar systems catering to your specific needs. Don't compromise on comfort or cost - let Baja Solar illuminate your way."

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Going solar may seem intimidating! That's why we've developed a simple and approachable process. Our team of experts collaborates with you to assess your energy needs, devise a tailor-made solar panel system, and generate a detailed estimate of costs and benefits. We handle all bureaucracy, with your convenience our priority. We guide you through financing options, provide round-the-clock support, & maintenance and ensure a smooth switch to solar energy. Reach out to us today to learn about our solar process!

Introducing Baja Solar Solutions

Baja Solar is a Baja California, Mexico-based solar energy solution provider. Our expert team, boasting years of industry experience, is dedicated to offering top-notch service and support to our customers. We provide a range of services encompassing solar panel installation, battery storage solutions, and energy monitoring systems, aimed at saving our customers’ overall energy costs whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

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1. Q: What is Solar System Design?

A: It's the preliminary planning stage of a solar energy system, which encompasses the selection of PV panels, electrical wiring, inverters, batteries, the orientation, weatherproofing and procuring appropriate building permissions.

2. Q: How to maximize solar output?

A: Employing a solar tracker can optimize your solar output by tracing the sun's path ensuring maximum exposure to sunlight throughout the day.

3. Q: Why are expert solar system designs essential?

A: Professional solar designers, with their profound know-how of solar technology, plan an effective system catering to your specific needs. They also help you secure necessary permits ensuring compliance with all local, state, and federal guidelines.

4. Q: How does Baja Solar Solutions design solar systems?

A: Our experienced engineers determine the size, type, and configuration of the components, analyze potential environmental and safety issues. They also leverage computer simulations, physical measurements to evaluate and optimize the design based on your objectives, and provide solar tracking services for increased solar production.

Baja Solar Solutions - Your One-stop Solar Energy Solution!

with our top-of-the-line solar panels and Tesla Powerwall

Discover the power of solar energy with our top-of-the-line solar panels, Tesla Powerwall, and Franklin batteries. We are committed to providing sustainable energy solutions for a greener future.

man in white dress shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on white and black solar panel
man in white dress shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on white and black solar panel